Training assistance for shooters.
Coach training for instructors, trainers and coaches.
Lectures and tutorials for instructor, coaches and parents.
Mental training for shooters with difficulties in coping with competitions.

Du you wish to improve as a coach, instructor or as a shooter?  

Are you afraid to pull the trigger or just in a bad shape? 

I specialice in workshops for coaches or shooters.  Here you will find some suggestions.

1.Planning for success.  Individual following up and coaching.

2. Position building.  How to build tight positions.

3. How to create the best training session or excercise for the individual shooter or the group.  

4. Technical training to develop positions or shot cycle. 

Single calls or mail correspondence 30 mins NOK 400,-
Evening sessions also available.

Coaching sessions with mail follow-up 60 min Kr 900,- 90 min Kr 1100,-
Training assistence by mail Kr 400,-

Lectures and meetings, booking by mail.
Conversations and meetings also on video chat (messenger).

Text message: 0047-91569748